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Who We Are

Our vision is healthy rivers, abundant wildlife, valued by communities.  We welcome your help to realise our collective ambitions across the Swale, Ure, Nidd, Ouse and Wharfe catchments.

As a CaBA catchment partnership, we bring together organisations and individuals with an interest in preserving and enhancing the benefits provided by our rivers and wider catchments. Be that plentiful, clean water; high quality, connected habitats supporting diverse and abundant wildlife; tranquil green spaces for recreation and wellbeing; or natural carbon capture and protection from flooding.

Working together we can achieve so much more to improve the quality, biodiversity and function of our rivers and the resilience and wellbeing of our communities than we can independently. We need your support to help us continue to drive forward strategic, collective action across our catchments for the benefit of all.

Our Network

Our Network

We are proud to partner with many businesses and associations to help improve our rivers.
Our Catchments

Our Catchments

Learn more about our rivers and see what issues have been identified and what we are doing to tackle them.
Our Programme Manager

Our Programme Manager

Charlotte Simons – Senior Project Manager, Catchment Partnerships. Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust

In the last 3 years the DVRN has...

of funding attracted
in kind value
of river protected or enhanced
volunteers or citizen scientists engaged
farmers or landowners engaged
community engagement members
of river opened up to migratory fish
of habitat created
Helping hands

Case Studies

Our case studies provide examples of work on the ground and we welcome your input and ideas for new projects and actions, or how existing ones could be strengthened or developed.
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