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Wild Wiske Revival: Clean and Green

A Wide-ranging project funded by a Water Environment Grant and delivered by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, this project delivered much-needed restoration on one of North Yorkshire’s most heavily modified rivers…

Riparian Tree Planting

This project has brought together a group of the DVRN partners, interested in buffering riparian areas – be that for NFM, increasing biodiversity, cooling water temperatures or to improve water quality…

Addingham 4 Becks

A4B is all about recognising the place that the four becks (Town Beck, Back Beck, Lumb Gill Beck and Wine Beck) have in Addingham and to make them a focal point of the village. Encouraging residents…

Headwaters for Healthy Rivers

Headwaters for Healthy Rivers was an ambitious project funded by the Water Environment Grant scheme, and successfully delivered by Nidderdale AONB. The main objectives were to…

Bishopdale NFM

Bishopdale NFM project was developed and delivered by Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust working with landowners in Bishopdale funded by and in partnership with the Environment Agency. The project aimed to…

Practical Guide to Lowland Natural Flood Management Measures

Floods are nothing new. Humans have lived with extreme weather for thousands of years. However, climate change science predicts an increase in occurrence and severity…