Bishopdale NFM

Bishopdale NFM

Bishopdale NFM project was developed and delivered by Yorkshire Dales Rivers Trust working with landowners in Bishopdale funded by and in partnership with the Environment Agency.

The project aimed to ‘Slow the flow’ of surface water across the land to reduce flood risk in the Bishopdale valley where communities are spread out. This project is part of the Environment Agency’s National Natural Flood Management Programme and attempts to quantify how effective NFM is on a catchment scale.

In addition to significant landowner engagement, the project involved a range of volunteer days, working with both the YDRT volunteers and the Yorkshire Dales National Park Young Rangers programme, to help deliver a range of NFM interventions, working with nature to slow overland flow pathways and increase infiltration and attenuation of water. Over the three year project this included:

  • 28,000 trees planted
  • 6km of hedgerow planted throughout the dale
  • 17 scrapes constructed
  • 12 leaky dams constructed

Wildlife is already taking advantage of the interventions, including sightings of barn owls and otters within riparian buffer strips and curlew and lapwing around scrapes. Monitoring of the effectiveness of NFM interventions is ongoing and will feed into the national evidence base for NFM as the features (e.g. riparian buffer strips, trees and hedgerows planted) mature and develop.


Before and after fencing & tree planting along a gill in Bishopdale. Leaky dams can also be seen in situ.)