Headwaters for Healthy Rivers

Headwaters for Healthy Rivers

Headwaters for Healthy Rivers was an ambitious project funded by the Water Environment Grant scheme, and successfully delivered by Nidderdale AONB.

The main objectives were to:

  1. Reduce sediment load and diffuse pollution within the Nidd Tributaries, the River Crimple and Park Beck catchments. Reducing phosphate, ammonia and sediment within the watercourses by implementing changes to land management practices and creating new riparian habitats.
  2. Control Invasive Non-Native Species in the upper Nidd

Key achievements of the project included:

·      1200m2 of sediment trap ponds created
·      40 leaky dams installed
·      3.23km of riparian hedgerows planted
·      2Ha riparian trees planted and associated fencing
·      4.5km of ditches / streams / rivers fenced off from stock
·      >£30k remedial measures to reduce agricultural pollution delivered
·      2-year Himalayan Balsam survey, control and monitoring programme
·      20ha reduction of Himalayan Balsam after first year of control

Himalayan Balsam control along the upper Nidd and tributaries in that area continues in partnership with Nidderdale Angling Club and Yorkshire Water.