Wild Wiske Revival: Clean and Green

Wild Wiske Revival: Clean and Green

A Wide-ranging project funded by a Water Environment Grant and delivered by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust, this project delivered much-needed restoration on one of North Yorkshire’s most heavily modified rivers – the Wiske.

Working closely with landowners, the key aims of the project were to implement works that will: reduce farm-runoff and flooding, reduce sedimentation of the river, and create riparian habitat. 

One of the more complex parts of the project was to ‘daylight’ a culvert to help reduce flooding to land and farm buildings. This involved removing the top of the culvert tunnel and creating wildlife-friendly storage areas for excess water in peak flows. Now in place, this area will hold a large amount of water, taking pressure off the Wiske.

  • Key achievements of the project include1266m of riverbank improved through stabilisation and reprofiling
  • 4.6km of land fenced to reduced riverbank poaching by livestock
  • A further 2.9km of fencing soon to be completed
  • 3 cattle drinking bays installed to further reduce riverbank poaching
  • 1500 trees planted along the banks of the upper Wiske (near Appleton Wiske)
  • 1 complex culvert redesign completed

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust continue to work in the Wiske catchment, investigating the potential to restore relic wetlands and create new wetland habitat as part of their wider Mid Swale Wetlands Nature Recovery Network project. For more information or to get involved contact Bernie Higgins.